How Can You Feel Connected with Bollywood & Inspired Sarees


From Mumtaz to Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bollywood has always showed up intrinsic connection with sarees and their trends. Count on 1, 2, 3, from decades back, it seemed to have also experimented with Indian traditional dress, saree. Although Indian ethnic wear is and was always opened to chances and adorable styles, in India Bollywood sarees has undoubtedly presented latest styles and ways of draping. Don’t you think so?

Well, then you must remember the cute actress of 90’s – Mumtaz and her heart throbbing appearance in saree which ultimately inspired many Indian women to wear ‘Mumtaz style saree’.


The way Sonam Kapoor has pay tribute to Mumtaz is really commendable. There are various reasons behind the fame of every Bollywood designer sarees. The award may go to the actress who showcased her designer saree so well and did fully justice with it. Next one can be the movie theme or some particular song. Whether vintage style or contemporary rampage of 2016, now the saree lovers can find amazing Bollywood sarees online.



Obviously, there are many factors which make Bollywood sarees really exquisite and designer’s master piece. Some are:

Exploring Petticoat Styles:

A simple style can twist and turn your appeal with Indian ethnic wear. Sounds and looks interesting?

Purchase Bollywood designer sarees online and try different type of petticoat this time. Pick pant style bottom wear instead of traditional skirt petticoat. Or you can club dhoti style petticoat as well.


Blouse Designs:

Don’t be so boring! Try different types of blouse designs to match with your selected saree. You can find amazing designs online but first be sure of your body type. For example; don’t go with bustier blouse if you have plum body frame.


Pallu Draping Pattern:

Buy Bollywood sarees online and check out different semblance at the same time. Do you know that even the side or way of pallu draping enhance the way of your looks? Yes, they do. Try the way as Madhuri Dixit did with this awesome peach coloured designer saree.


We all know that saree is an ethereal part of Indian ethnic wear and thus they are the mandatory selections of women who are going to attend any special event or occasion. And we all love to see these Bollywood actresses to carry out their beauty in the most unparallel way.

The youth fashion icons, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor has shown us various quirky to sober style that are ready adhere. Whether we criticise the look or compliment it, we love them all! Due to their presentation as you remember Deepika’s blue coloured and golden bordered saree in ‘Battameez Dil’ has won many hearts and it has sold like a plum hot cake. Kareena Kapoor’s sexy red saree in ‘Chammak Challo’ has turned the eye of Akon 😉


Be it designer Bollywood sarees or just plain traditional saree, the hypnotised lover’s wave of sarees will be continued till the ‘fashion’ remains in the world.