Wedding Tips

Three Ways to Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Wedding

By the time you get married you might well have already been to a number of family and friend’s weddings. This means you’ll have a good grasp on what extra special touches make weddings stand out from the rest.

Without being intentionally competitive, we all want our weddings to stick out in the memory of our friends and family for years to come, so it’s great to find some of these special touches to really give it that wow factor.

Here are three great ideas which could bring something extra special to your big day.

Luxury Washrooms

While this only applies to couples who decide to hold their wedding outdoors, it is a must have for those who do.

It is such a shame for those who plan weddings so beautifully down to a tee, with stunning decorations, wonderful food and fairy tale lighting only to find that all of the glamorous guests have to climb into a plastic, badly lit portable toilet to do their business.

Special Touch to Your Wedding

No matter how great your wedding is, it would be no surprise to find that plenty of people’s lasting memory is struggling to climb into one in the dark.

To save this from being an issue, you can hire luxury portable toilets from places like Event Washrooms. These fantastic toilets are lined with wood surfaces, ceramic fittings and normal sized cubicles, all of which make you feel you’re in a top hotel, not a field.

Glamourous Lighting

Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, once night falls, one way to make your special day have a truly enchanting feel to it is well organised lighting.

Whether it’s fairy lights running around the edge of your marquee, soft lighting as you head out onto the dance floor for your first dance or a delicately lit altar, having the right lights can really add something to your special day.

A great lighting addition would be hiring something like those offered by Light It Up UK. Their classy light up lettering, numbers and shapes look beautiful positioned on the stage, by the altar, by the entrance, practically everywhere.

As well as typical words such as ‘LOVE” or couple’s initials, you can also suggest bespoke lights if you have something even more personal in mind.

Personalised Catering

Anyone can hire the perfect catering company, that’s a given, but there are plenty of hidden little flourishes waiting to be used to make your day that little bit more special.

What makes your wedding different to anyone else’s? Personalisation. It is your big day so why not revel in it?

There are so many personalised treats out there you could gracefully place about your guest’s tables to reflect the care and attention to detail you have given the day.

How about ordering some personalised Love Heart Sweets? You know, those from your childhood? Or perhaps for those who aren’t drinkers or on driving duty, personalised Coca Cola bottles?

How about giving everyone fresh breath, leaving individual personalised mini cases of mints on each place setting? Perhaps you’re going for a more oriental theme and you can finish with custom fortune cookies?

Trying out any of these three ideas is sure to make your wedding day that little bit more special (if that were at all possible) and last long in the memory of you, your family and your friends.